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Character name: Mizuki Onodera
Source canon: Dawn of Miracles SolSavior (OC)
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Mizuki Onodera
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Notes: Writing the character and canon background in reverse just because it's easier to follow that way.

Original canon background: SolSavior's got a large chunk of backstory that's more it's own thing, but the basic rundown of it was that there existed an anti-Sun known as the Great Black Void.  Jealous and hateful of its nonsentient counterpart and the world the Sun supplied with life, the Void plotted and plotted since ancient times to seize Earth for itself.  However, its own denizens, contained inside, were reflections of life on Earth. 

However, as humanity began to develop large robots and achieve reliable travel into space, the Void could create beings that could accomplish the same things as well.  It created a force known as the Kingdom of Darkness meant to conquer and destroy life as it existed on the world... only for said Kingdom to be thwarted by a machine of the Sun: SolFighter.  The Void had not gone unnoticed by ancient astrologers, and as the attacks began, humanity looked back on these notes about the Void to find a way to fight back.  Thus, they turned to the power of the Sun to fight the Void, and for ten seasons years the Void's efforts were thwarted by Solaris and its machines, with like every single mecha trope ever covered in that span.  But in the twilight of the tenth year of the "Sol/Void War", the unthinkable happened as SolCrusader, the last and strongest of the machines, took the fight to the Void's creations inside of the Void itself: the Void itself was destroyed.  There'd been so much power escalation that SolCrusader's strength was too much for the Void itself to endure, and the anti-Sun was destroyed.

It left, however, three beings behind: the only members of an eleventh batch of Void beings it had intended to use for the next phase of the war.  The pilots ultimately decided to return to Earth with these three, and Solaris was left with the question of just what to do with itself.  Its purpose had been fulfilled and its sources of financial support dried up quickly.  Before long, pretty much everyone who had anywhere to go had left the virtually defunct Solaris for various avenues.  Those who stayed pretty much worked to help out other groups who needed help, and though the organization became a shell of its former self it was always willing to help.

Ten years after the Void's defeat, the Unity Group comes into being/SRW Uni starts proper, and Solaris's director sees this as a means to resurrect the failing group.  A genuine alliance between groups, and a chance for Solaris to get the support necessary to get back on its feet.  There were still threats to the world, and the remaining members of the group had stayed because they'd best be able to help the world by helping Solaris stay afloat.  And through the support it would receive and the support it would give, Solaris would once more find its place in this world as defenders of justice.

Background: Created for the express purpose of destroying humanity and giving the Great Black Void control over the Earth, the Abyss Empress's life got derailed almost as soon as it began.  The Void was destroyed while in the process of creating her (leaving her in the form of a ten-year-old child) and she was taken back to Solaris HQ with her two fellow Abyssians, General Salanshiel and Grand Vizier Zangango... their sworn enemies ironically becoming the people in the world they could best relate to.  They were given living conditions as good as Solaris's strapped coffers could afford and could leave in relative peace, and in return they'd help Solaris in researching Void energy and Void beings in general.  There'd never been an opportunity to study live ones before, and the Abyssians were fascinating in that their very bodies were living generators of Void energy.

Thus the Empress -adopting the name "Mizuki"- grew up amongst her enemies.  Salanshiel and Zangango became surrogate parents, rather than simply being underlings.  She made friends amongst the members of Solaris, including even the Director's own grandchildren.  Thanks to the researchers, she managed to learn about her powers (reduced because of the destruction of the Void but still present).  And most notably, she began to feel that in spite of everything, this was for the best.  She had a home, and the freedom to choose what she wanted to do with her life.  If she'd just been the Abyss Empress, then her purpose in life would've been defined by the Void.  And naturally, she wanted to help out the people who'd become her extended family.

When the Director announced that Solaris would be assisting the Unity Group, there was still a question about how much they could really do without any machines or pilots to send.  The catch was though... they did have a pilot and a machine to send.  Now a young woman, Mizuki was capable of calling forth her own personal mount, a machine that had originally been meant to be used as a weapon against Solaris and its heroes... how ironic that the machine, dubbed the "DuskBird" would be the first step to Solaris's rebirth.

Personality: Mizuki's a testament to the powers of nurture over nature, having grown into someone markedly different than the evil overlord she was meant to be.  She's a strong and vocal supporter of Solaris and determined to see that the group rise from its vestigial existence, and is on very friendly terms with its members.  This comes from her searching for a place for herself and Solaris, and defending the world from threats to it.

She's someone who has a great deal of understanding for people who are trying to do their own thing, willing to encourage them even if their way of doing things differs from hers.  However, she has little patience for stupid blunders, let alone ones where someone still tries to act as if they did the right thing when it's obvious they didn't.  She also loathes people who inconvenience her for stupid reasons, for instance pulling pranks on her or shoving her aside to play hero.

Her criticisms of people in these situations are often biting and venomous, but at the same time she's a big softy in the end.  She can only rag on someone who's absolutely miserable and feeling ashamed of themselves before she herself switches from bad cop to good cop, trying to offer them advice or help.  Those pranks and foolish moments of heroism mentioned above?  Yeah she'll think they're stupid and be angry about it, but if they actually worked the way they were supposed to, she won't hide the fact she's impressed.

In short, even when she's angry at people she knows or at least has no massive beef with, she might get angry but reigns it back in before doing something she might regret.  Just don't be a complete idiot who ruins everything because it has to be done Your Way, because then she's not going to hold back.

Mizuki's also plenty capable of forgiveness and giving people a second chance. Solaris's efforts are all about a second go at protecting the world from all sorts of evil, and Mizuki herself knows that just because you are or were meant to be something evil doesn't mean you have to be.  That said she's not naive and she doesn't fall for baseless sob stories and crocodile tears, rather if you want to change but think it's too late for you, she's going to argue against that... though she won't hold back until you stop fighting.

Blatant evil, or evil pretending to act for any sort of greater good however, is something Mizuki just will not tolerate.  She also won't tolerate any of that "I exist in the name of the balance between good and evil" bullshit either.  If you have free will, you're responsible for the terrible things you do and she's going to punch your face in because someone has to.

Outside of battle and craziness, Mizuki's fairly easygoing and friendly.  She has a tremendous love of seafood from the ocean's lower levels (since it's the only thing Earth-based food she can eat safely) along with other foods whose origins aren't traced back to photosynthesis.

Capabilities and Resources: As an Abyssian, and the intended ruler over them, Mizuki's body is markedly stronger than a normal human's and possesses other abilities as well.  She possesses mild superhuman strength and agility (think like Captain America), and she can summon the DuskBird to crawl out from her shadow so long as she's conscious and hasn't gone too long without eating.  Both she and the DuskBird also have extraordinary regenerative powers and so long as her vitals are kept stable Mizuki can recover from virtually any kind of injury no matter how severe.

Mizuki can also focus Void energy into her left hand.  The energy -destructive enough on its own- is an anathema to Sol beings.  Think of it sorta like her own, evil version of the Shining Finger or Lemuria Impact.  Named the "Abyss Sanction", it requires Mizuki to act as though she were the evil villain she was meant to be.  She works around this by making bold, villainous speeches while using it.  Using the Sanction also causes her clothing to transform into a regal black and gold outfit befitting her original design.  She's still the same person as ever though.

Mizuki is not without her weaknesses though.  As a creation of the Great Black Void, she was meant to use the Void itself for sustenance.  With the Void's destruction, Mizuki and her parents are somewhat boned in that regard and cannot eat anything that's part of a photosynthetic food chain for energy.  Grass, birds, cattle, vegetables, it's all pretty much off the table for them since Sol energy served as that food's foundation.  They won't die from food poisoning, but Mizuki will get very, very sick if she does eat food like that and it makes her extremely vulnerable to biological poisons.  The inverse also applies to an extent: entities that extract life force will find her extremely icky "tasting".

The only foods on the planet that Mizuki and her parents can eat for nourishment are plants and animals found in deep-sea environments where no light has ever reached; places where the food chains started with chemosynthesis instead.   Extradimensional life-forms such as the kaiju are also fair game for her though.  She eats enough of this sort of stuff that she actually maintains a blog for it, which she also uses to help support her family.

Lastly, even standing out in the Sun or on holy ground associated to the Sun is physically irritating for Mizuki, and it's at its worst on bright, shiny days.  Night isn't much relief for her though, since moonlight's just reflected sunlight.  Fortunately, any means of protecting her body from direct contact with the light mitigates this and she often carries around an umbrella.

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: DuskBird
Unit Description:

Visual reference: 

Mizuki's personal machine, and in fact as much her physical being as her actual body, enough so that it is primarily controlled by her thoughts and instincts.  A 15 meter tall semi-sentient machine, the DuskBird can transform between three forms depending on the need: that of a humanoid, a bird, or a jet.  Each is combat-capable and the DuskBird's plenty able of participating on missions without needing to combine into SolSavior. 

First is Jet mode, which is the fastest and is ideal for hit-and-fade attacks.  In this form, the DuskBird's six wings have a fixed, rigid formation to be aerodynamic and can be used to tear through unsuspecting targets.  Its eyes can also release powerful rays of Void energy known as the Abyss Gaze to strike enemies from afar.  The entire machine can also charge its form with a Void energy barrier, granting it additional protection but more importantly be able to smash straight into targets without harm.

Bird mode is similar, but sacrifices some speed for better maneuverability in an atmosphere.  In this form the DuskBird is the most birdlike, flapping about and moving fluidly.  It retains its eye lasers from before, but additionally can use its tail and claws to slash and tear apart enemies up close.  A flap of its wings can also send a multitude of its feathers -razor sharp and charged with Void energy- at enemies. Just like Jet mode's best for quick attacks and then falling back, Bird mode's maneuverability makes best for dogfights.

Lastly is the DuskBird's humanoid form, where it assumes its full size and can use the full extent of its strength.  The Abyss Gaze is still there, and along with it, Mizuki can use the Abyss Sanction as she can while on foot.  When using it in the DuskBird's cockpit, the entire cockpit changes into a massive throne room much larger than the DuskBird's actual body.  The Sanction can be used as Shining Finger-esque melee attack or as a long-range beam.  Part of the DuskBird's tail also becomes repurposed as a prehensile whip sharp enough to pierce and cut through enemies if Mizuki so wishes.  Like Bird mode, its wings can be used to launch feathers at enemies, or also used as a protective measure with the same kind of barrier that Jet mode has.

Size: M
Terrain compatibility:
(Broken down into Jet/Bird/Humanoid modes)
Air: Yes/Yes/Yes
Water: No/No/Yes
Favored terrain: Space/Air/Air
Upgrades: There's the issue of SolSavior itself, and its details are all right here.

Sara Harper.

Mizuki's best friend and the granddaughter of Solaris's Director, Sara's not the kind of person to just let Mizuki do all the work of helping keep Solaris afloat!  A sociable person who makes friends easily, Sara's a real go-getter who likes to get stuff done and is enthusiastic about it, although also sometimes worries about how little people, even really influential people, can really do in the grand scheme of things.  Surely this won't lead to everything going straight to hell.

Sara pilots the Solego, a small Lady Command-esque support ship with room for two.  This means she can transport Mizuki to battles if Mizuki doesn't want to summon the DuskBird right away.  The Solego also comes equipped with some missiles and a single Sol Beam attack.

She's also the intended pilot for the ShelLancer, but... well, stuff happens.

Mission requirement: Mizuki and company do not require missions for introduction.  However, their machine, SolSavior, does and cannot be formed prior to the first mission due to authorization locks on it.  Sara also needs to go missing (due to investigating a dimensional anomaly) prior to Dido's arrival with the ShelLancer... which should ideally be followed before too long by SolSavior's first mission.

Suggested Event List:
Mission list under cut )

Sample Post: testrun-box.dreamwidth.org/71487.html
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Just notes and stuff for the backstory of SolSavior.  Please note that this isn't going to be relevant in the game at all aside from the fact that yes, there were some fights in the distant past and they covered like every fucking trope under the book.

Season 1: SolFighter (two-man, single robot) vs. the Kingdom of Darkness (chess themed, led by Queen Maliasma)

The season that started it all )

Season 2: SolVanguard (two-man, two-mech combiner) vs. the Shadow Alliance (natural disaster themed, led by Lord Nova)

The season that's less a sequel and more just a continuation )

Season 3: SolShinobi & SolKunoichi (each have a single pilot) vs. the Ebon Corsairs (pirate themed, led by Admiral Blackheart)

Season 4
: SolGladiator (three-man, three-mech combiner) vs. Midnight Army (tarot themed, led by Terra Complete)

Though SolShinobi and SolKunoichi proved the viability of solo-piloted machines, Project Sol still opted to return to the multi-man machines they'd made previously and would continue to field in later years.  However, their latest creation, SolAres, was somewhat similar to the ninja machines in that each component could fight to an extent on its own and also separate at will to evade attacks.  Three pilots were quickly found with sufficient aptitude for the machines, and the fourth phase of the war was on.

There were two glaring problems, though.  First, although the pilots were capable with their own individual fighters, they had terrible teamwork.  Second, the Midnight Army's attacks were seemingly random and had no common thread.  With an enemy they couldn't get a handle on, and a team of pilots that Project Sol could not get to live up to their full potential, the war took a turn for the worst.  Victories were still commonplace, but all too often the Army achieved whatever their goal had been, be it acquiring wealth, sending a city into absolute chaos, or destroying a space station.  The army's greatest victory, however, was managing a fatal strike on members of the Illuminati, killing them and thus depriving Project Sol of its primary source of funding.

Season 5: SolProtector (five-man, five-mech combiner) vs. the Black Coven (occult themed, led by Hecate)

The season everyone loved )

Season 6: SolChampion (five-man, five-mech combiner w/"upgrade" add-on pack) vs. the Forsaken Netherrealm (folk legend themed, led by Queen Mab prior to Hecate's return to power)

The sequel season because the last one was so popular )

Season 7: SolBuster (four-man, four-mech combiner w/three situational add-on packs) vs. the Calamitous Shades (fear themed, led by Marquis Phobia)

The season with the villains that trolled everyone )

Season 8: SolBalmung (six-man, five-mech combiner w/"weapon" mode for the sixth) vs. the Eclipse Sentries (Zodiac/Constellation themed, led by Ptolomeioh)

The dark and edgy season )

Season 9: SolHunter (seven-man, six-mech combiner w/three expansion pack upgrades) vs. the Legion of Umbra (Hammer Horror themed, led by Count Warlock)

The season that scaled back the edginess )

Season 10
: SolCrusader (seven-man, seven-mech combiner w/four expansion pack upgrades) vs. the Twilight Apostles (Urban legend themed, lead by Algoz)

The season that went for a grand finale since the franchise was getting cancelled )


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